Flexible working

Flexible recruitment helping to find a better work life to fit for your employees

helping you find a better work life fit for your employees or as an individual

Flexible work is the most valued employee benefit – even above pay and bonus – according to a recent survey carried out by PwC.

At Lexington Gray we’re passionate about making flexible work a viable career choice for all. We are committed to helping employers to develop policies that actually work and to implement and embed them into the fabric and culture of their organisation. We also work with individuals to draft and put forward a compelling flexible work request that highlights the benefits of flexible work to the employer and which mitigates any possible downsides to either the team or the business. We then help the individual to prepare and present their proposal confidently.

Happy employees are more engaged, more productive and more profitable. So, if you have a flexible work policy that is not delivering tangible benefits, isn’t it time you talked to us?

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