Top ten tips for Flexible Working:

1. Be honest and realistic about what work can be done flexibly and consider where, when and how it is to be done;

2. Ensure that the organisation has a positive culture towards flexible work with give and take on both sides of the employment relationship;

3. Invest in and make use of technology to facilitate working away from the office;

4. Think about and mitigate any potential impact on clients and the rest of the team;

5. Provide adequate training for managers and team leaders, the team and the individual to ensure the arrangement is managed and implemented properly;

6. Assign and manage work according to capability and capacity and measure contribution by the quality of the outputs and not simply by inputs;

7. Conduct regular reviews of the flexible work arrangement and amend if necessary;

8. Identify and publicise senior role models working flexibly to ensure flexible work is a viable choice and not seen to be career limiting;

9. Allocate a mentor and/or set up a flexible work network to share experience and provide mutual guidance and support;

10. Understand the impact on flexible work on career progression. Conduct regular reviews of career development and provide specific support to reach goals if necessary to ensure that flexible work is an acceptable career path and not seen to be ‘opting out’ of promotion.