Flexible working drives record numbers in employment

The increase in flexible working in the UK in recent years has been a driver for this week’s record employment figures according to the Recruitment and Employment Confederation.

More firms now allow their staff greater flexibility over where, when and how they perform their duites. While working in an office Monday to Friday 9-5 is still the norm for many, increasing numbers of workers are adopting an approach that better suits their personal circumstances – which delivers benefits to both employers and employees.

But Flexible Working may also be helping to fuel a recovery:

Kevin Green, CEO, explained that more people are now in work than ever before and the unemployment total is at its lowest for over a year. He described this as ‘a significant step’ in the UK’s path to economic recovery.

‘The job numbers are being driven by flexible working – the number of full-time posts has grown but the increase in temps and part-time workers has been even greater.’

We often hear that people who would like full-time work are forced to take part-time roles as a result of the bleak job market but Green stated that over 80% of part-time employees chose to work that way.

At Lexington Gray we know plenty of highly qualified and dedicated lawyers that would welcome the opportunity to work more flexibly and help to further fuel the economic recovery.

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