Flexible work and flexible childcare

Working together to help you find the perfect fit for your career and your family.

Lexington Gray and Parental Choice have teamed up to make your career and childcare work for you.

Do you love your job but need greater flexibility? Are you worried that your employer won’t consider your request properly? If so, you’re not alone and we can help. Lexington Gray are experts in flexible work and help individuals just like you to draft and put forward a compelling flexible work request that highlights the benefits to your business. We then help you to present it confidently, having looked at and mitigated any possible negatives to your employer. If you’re serious about flexible work, it’s time you talked to us.

However knowing what’s right for your career is only one half of the equation: what about your family? With so many childcare options available and limited budget constraints, how do you make those all important decisions that will work for both your career and your children? Parental Choice can help source flexible childcare that exactly fits your work commitments so you don’t pay for more childcare than you need. Plus having the right childcare in place shows a commitment and a determination to make the flexible arrangement work. We’ll do all the hard work and research providing you with a number of childcare options which fit all of your requirements. Our goal: to allow you to make informed and practical choices that work around your career, family life and values.

Together we look after both sides of the equation for you.


We’ll listen to you and find out exactly what you and your family need and then we’ll offer:

  • Realistic and honest advice about your career and how flexible working would work for you.
  • Constructive advice and feedback on drafting your own flexible working proposal to fit your career goals as well as your family life and the needs of your employer.
  • Childcare researched and resourced in your nominated area; work or home.
  • References and qualifications checked.

For the right answer to the equation, count on Lexington Gray and Parental Choice to find the right fit for you and your family.