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Nick Clegg is no James Bond but he’s still my hero

‘Dear Colleague’, the e-mail from the Cabinet Office Events team read, ‘you are invited to hear the Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg give a speech on women and economic growth.  There will be an opportunity to ask questions. Date and

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Flexible Work to become the ‘norm’ under plan to be announced by Nick Clegg tomorrow

Nick Clegg is to give a speech tomorrow aimed at driving culture change in the workplace to remove the stigma currently attached to flexible working. Mr Clegg is expected to explain that it means “sweeping away the clapped-out rules that

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Jobs should be ‘flexible by default’

Age UK believes that all jobs should be ‘flexible by default’. Employers would have to show that a role could not be done on a flexible basis before turning down a flexible work request. Often seen as a perk for

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Kiwis value flexible working when looking for a new job

    Ninety per cent of New Zealanders say flexible employment options such as working from home are an important factor when looking for a new job but only 13 per cent of employers say they will provide greater workplace

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A pay rise gives only short-lived happiness but flexible work makes a big difference

Scientists say how much a worker actually earns is just as important as how satisfied they are with their pay in determining their happiness. Professor Amit Kramer, of the University of Illinois, said: ‘Pay, as you might expect, is a

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