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Is pressure to conform to the media ideal of beauty stifling female ambition?

Last week the Everyday Sexism Project received a letter from a 15 year old girl, amongst other things she wrote: ‘successful women are only considered a success if they are successful AND hot….’ She continued: ‘I feel like there’s no

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Are you an invisible idiot?

People who work from home are out of sight and out of mind and consequently are less likely to be promoted – or that’s what Daniel Cable of the London Business School found when he investigated. His research was published

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Flexible working drives record numbers in employment

The increase in flexible working in the UK in recent years has been a driver for this week’s record employment figures according to the Recruitment and Employment Confederation. More firms now allow their staff greater flexibility over where, when and

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Presidential debate and Mitt Romney with his ‘binders full of women’ demonstrate the assumptions that short change both men and women when it comes to flexible work

Morra Aarons-Mele (@morraam) wrote a great article in the Huffington Post discussing the Presidential debate and Mitt Romneys response to a question posed by Katherine Fenton in relation to pay equity. I’ve been suffering from ‘flu for the last ten

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Are Millennials that want ‘balance’ work shy? Not necessarily….

When Millennials say they want “balance,” they don’t mean work less. They mean work differently and more flexibly. There’s a big difference and Cali Williams Yost explains all here :

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Lovely Role for Part-time Employment Solicitor in London with French and/or German

We are currently looking to recruit a 1 – 3 years’ PQE employment solicitor for a part-time/flexible role (probably 3 or 4 days per week) in one of the smaller international law firms in London (near Liverpool Street). The firm

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Flexibility – the key to good childcare in tough times

The current financial climate has affected the availability as well as the type of childcare in many homes. Being one of the most expensive drains on a family’s resources, it has in many cases necessitated one parent remaining at home,

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Should you be honest?

When applying for a new role, when is it best to mention that you’d like to work flexibly? That’s the question being posed by the Guardian today. What do you think? Is it best to be upfront about it

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Workplace survey reveals surprises …

What pleasure would you sacrifice in order to work from home one day a week? Research by Citrix revealed several interesting and sometimes amusing truths about office life including the fact that 64% of workers who had never worked remotely

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Retaining staff

Three areas critical to retaining staff are more flexible working, clear communication and investment in learning and development according to research conducted by Thales Training and Consultancy and yet nearly three quarters of HR directo rs are concerned about retaining